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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Online Communication vs. Face-to-Face
Different forms of online communication are becoming ever more popular, somewhat phasing out face-to-face communication on certain levels. Face-to-face communication involves several factors: body language, different facial expressions, the tone of one’s voice, and of course, spoken words. Many people consider this the best and most effective form of communication, as it is much more personal and conveys all the emotion and power it was intended to. However, there are also many who would say that text messaging is a better form, and is just as easily personalized as speaking directly by adding emoticons, using capital letters, exaggerated punctuation, etc. Chat rooms and web forums have many examples of online communication, good and bad, from all sorts of people from around the globe. We can see how differences in location, background, and/or culture can make a tremendous difference in how one communicates, and whether this method is effective, efficient, and/or appropriate. Online communication can be a very helpful tool in many situations, and can even be slightly more effective in others. The written word in any form, in my opinion, is a much more powerful tool of communication, especially in the online world. I prefer to communicate online as opposed to using the telephone, texting, or talking in person. It is easier for me to convey the point I’d like to make without time limits or rushing to get that last word in, which oftentimes leads to “putting one’s foot in one’s mouth”, so to speak. When I write, I can think about what I want to say, how I want to say it, and I’m able to use descriptive words and proper punctuation to convey any emotion I want to include. Not to mention, if a mistake is made while writing, it can easily be corrected and/or edited before the message is posted or sent, whereas it’s much more difficult at times to correct a mistake while physically speaking to someone. At...
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