General Internet Skills

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Week Three: General Internet Skills

3.1 Use the Internet for academic purposes.
3.2 Recognize the appropriate way to communicate with different audiences.

Participate in class discussion.

Discussion Questions
Respond to weekly discussion questions.

Analyzing Internet Sources
Complete the following activities in Pearson’s MyStudentSuccessLab, located on the student website:
• Practice 1: Understand What's Important: Information Literacy Basics • Practice 2: Act on What's Important: Critically Analyzing Internet Sources
Answer these follow-up questions in 100 to 150 words each:

• What are the three or more best practices you learned about using the Internet for academic purposes? How do you think you might use them? • How can you determine if the information on a website is reputable and worthwhile for a research paper?

Communicating for Distance Education
This assignment consists of three parts. You must complete each part.
Part 1:

Resource: Appendix C

View the Casual vs. Academic Writing presentation:
Think about how your tone, or writing style, changes based on the different types of people you will be communicating with online. Remember that tone is very important when communicating online
Consider this scenario: You were in a minor car accident. No one was hurt, but you are nonetheless a little rattled. How would you communicate your situation to family, friends, and classmates? What would be different if you had to communicate the situation to the insurance company?

Write a message of 100 to 200 words either to your family, friends, or classmates.
Write a formal letter of 100 to 200 words to the insurance company. Use salutations and sign-offs where appropriate.

Part 2:

View the Anthony’s Dilemma story at...
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