Explain How People from Different Backgrounds May Use and/or Interpret Communication Methods in Different Ways.

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Sign language Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: November 20, 2012
3.1: Explain how people from different backgrounds may use and/or interpret communication methods in different ways. Communication can be slightly different when using it with other people from different backgrounds. Communication can be interpreted in different ways by different people, this is because they may not speak English, if from a different country, or they may not understand you. This is also a barrier to communication. Other people may think that if they’re being listened to, they will express their beliefs and their opinions about life. Different people from other backgrounds may use verbal communication to express what they think, however they could also use non-verbal communication to put their point across. Parent/carer of a child may have other preferences for their child to other parents/carers. This means the practitioner will have to respect these. Communication can be used in many ways by using different methods. Children from different backgrounds can communicate by doing what they like best. Children could use body language and facial expressions to express their needs or what they want to do in the workplace. Practitioners may use gestures and body language to show the parents/carers that they are always friendly and can be relied on. People from different backgrounds can use communication by being confident. This shows their personality and will help the communication between them and others around. Different backgrounds of different people can cause misunderstandings when using communication. However, they will be able to interpret the communication they’re using by using hand gestures, facial expressions or maybe body language. The personality can also affect the way an individual communicates. For example, if a person is shy he/she may not want to speak clearly and may use a little bit of verbal communication. Confidence of a person can affect communication and this may result in them communicating by using facial expressions...
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