Nestle Swot Analysis

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Nestle SWOT analysis

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SOWT analysis On Nestle 4

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According to U.S. Department of Agriculture, Risk Management Agency, 2008 a SWOT analysis is a tool that helps evaluate the strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) involved in any business enterprise including farms and ranches. A SWOT analysis can help organization to gain insight the past and think of possible salutation of its existing or potential problems. Its also help to understand the potential future opportunity and problem. SWOT analysis is a method that can help any organization to analysis its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

SWOT analysis on nestle

About organization

Nestle is the world largest leading food and nutrition producing and processing company. Nestle have business with almost all country around the world. In the food and nutrition sector nestle is the market leader. Year 1960, Henri Nestlé's starts to establish a company that can produce good healthy food and nutrition for the children and their mother. (history, is a strategy focused organization. When it was started business in Europe their first strategy was to develop market in Europe and some part of America. So they used their marketing strategy to growth their market in Europe and America. So they focused on their brand but “Henri Nestlé also showed early understanding of the power of branding so He had adopted his own coat of arms as a trademark; in his German dialect, Nestlé means 'little nest' (history, But Now Nestle is the world leading brand and strong market leader. With 140 business years nestle achieved all types of business success and fulfill huge amount of responsibility they taken from the all humanity. Below the umbrella of nestle, 280,000 employee work for nestle worldwide. Nestle have factories and operation almost every country in the world map. 2010 nestle sales almost CHF 110 bn worldwide. Nestle had the world largest food research and development team. They work hard for invent the new product for nestle. Nestle believe that they have a huge amount of social and corporate responsibility as well as for the society. Creating share value is one of the most important factors that nestle always maintaining very seriously. Nestle Corporate Business Principles are at the basis of their company’s culture, developed over 140 years, which reflects the ideas of fairness, honesty and long-term thinking.

SWOT analysis
Strengths of Nestle (Strengths are considered mostly internal) The main strength of nestle is it has Strong relationship with all of its supplier and retailer and it’s create huge strength against its all competitor. From the fast few years nestle Strong economical growth is another important strength that make nestle unique of its own. Nestle is a global brand and it has a strong portfolio and it is a Number one Brand in market. Nestle is the oldest food and nutrition...
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