Starbucks Swot Analysis

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The SWOT analysis
The SWOT analysis is a method used to evaluate a company on specific parts. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The Strengths and Weaknesses are part of the internal evaluation. Opportunities, and Threats are part of the external evaluation. This means there is a part that is about what happens inside the company and a part about what happens outside the company. After doing some research and the interview, it was time to brainstorm. And this is the result:

* Wide range of original products
The products that Starbucks has are not for sale at other coffee companies. That is what makes them original. They are very innovative and they sell all sort of different coffees, juices, sandwiches, cookies, cakes and tea. * High quality ingredients

Starbucks is known for their high quality ingredients. They think it is very important to have the perfect ingredients for their customers. * Specialized staff
The Starbucks staff is specialized in their job. The baristas know exactly how to prepare the perfect beverage or sandwich for you. It is always nice to know that an employee knows what he is doing. Especially when it is about your food and beverages. * Green image

The environment is getting more and more important nowadays. Everyone tries to contribute. Starbucks recycles, they reduce packaging and even some of the buildings have innovative features. But they also have responsible grown coffee, to help the farmers and our planet. “We are committed to buying and serving high-quality coffee that is responsibly grown and ethically traded. We honor this commitment through our responsible coffee purchasing practices, farmer support centers, loan programs and forest conservation efforts. When we buy coffee this way, we believe that it helps foster a better future for farmers and helps mitigate the impacts of climate change for the planet.” Weaknesses:

* High pricing because of quality...
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