Capstone Project – Critical Risks Assessment and Milestones Schedule

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Capstone Project – Critical Risks Assessment and Milestones Schedule Gloria J. Hines
Grand Canyon University: BUS 485 Strategic Management
November 13, 2011

Capstone Project – Critical Risks Assessment and Milestones Schedule



II.SWOT Analysis

III.Contingency Plans

IV.Preferred Timing and Objectives of Johnson’s



Capstone Project – Critical Risks Assessment and Milestones Schedule
Johnson’s Shoe Emporium & Repair Shop (“Johnson’s”) is a high-end retail shoe store for men. The store will sell dressy and casual shoes, ankle boots and other accessories for men. The purpose of Johnson’s is to sell non-athletic shoes of the highest quality so that every customer will be able to find a pair of shoes they actually love to be seen in and love to wear. The shoes will be stylish, of the utmost comfort and most of all, affordable. Johnson’s will also be able to fill special requests for shoes and will offer the choice of having shoes custom made. Another feature for customers will be the provision of shoe repair and maintenance of shoes for their customers so that a pair of shoes will last for years and still look good. This section of the Capstone Project will present and discuss the Critical Risks Assessment and Milestones Schedule of Johnson’s. A SWOT Analysis will be given; a Contingency Plan will be defined; and Preferred Timing and Objectives will be discussed in order to determine the success of the company. SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis is a framework for the examination of the internal strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities and threats that may affect an organization. A typical analysis seeks to answer two general questions: Where is the organization now, and in what direction is the organization headed? Factors studied in order to answer these questions are the social and political developments impacting on marketing strategy, competitors, technological advances, and other industry developments that may affect the marketing plan. The following is a SWOT Analysis for Johnson’s:

Johnson’s is a very efficient, high-end, fashionable retail store who sells a lot of high-quality, brand-name men’s shoes in its shopping area. Men’s shoes do not change styles as often as women’s shoes and men’s shoes last much longer than women’s shoes. New customers often mention that they were referred by a relative or a friend. The store has a large number of returning customers because they are known for having difficult, hard-to-find sizes (small, large, and unusual widths). Johnson’s has a good relationship with their distributors/suppliers. In fact, they have agreements with a few of the well-known distributors that Johnson’s will be the only representative of their products within a specified radius. Johnson’s has well trained staffs who concentrates on customer service as their number one priority at all times. Weaknesses

Even though the style and fashion of men’s shoes do not change as often as women’s shoes, it is still sometimes difficult to tell in advance what will be a popular item. Store space is limited thereby limiting the amount of different brands/styles, sizes and widths that can be kept in stock. This can cause as much as a three-day delay in making a customer’s choice available. While Johnson’s can pick and choose the brands/styles to stock, it is still difficult to offer shoes that are unique and not carried by the competition. Johnson’s does not have the rent of comparable stores in malls; however, they are not afforded the availability of foot traffic of stores located in malls either. The retail shoe industry is price sensitive and while Johnson’s does not have the expenses of mall stores, it cannot afford to offer prices that is a lot lower than those in shoe store malls or the quality of their products may be questioned. Men’s shoes are more expensive than women’s...
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