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e. g: beverages
Question mark
e. g: breakfast cereals


Market Growth Rate

Cash Cows

e. g: baby food

e. g: pharmaceutical products



Relative Market Share

The stars are the high relative market share and high market growth. Nestlé beverages are products more present on the market because this is a high quality of product and nowadays costumers like consume high quality product even if it can be expensive they prefer take care of their health. With water, coffee and cereals Nestlé can offer the high quality product that consumers ask.

The cash cows are baby food products. The company has to promote and to put it forward to make these products as stars. DOGS
Nestlé dog are pharmaceutical products. Because it has low-share business with low growth market so the company needs to think about what it has to do to improve the low share and growth market.

The breakfast cereals are question mark. They have a high market growth but a low market share, that’s why the company has to find the right questions to decide if the product needs to stay on the market because it can have success improving it, or if it will never have success and that it is better to take off this product.

Thanks to the SWOT Analysis, which enables to analyze internal strengths and weaknesses of the company and external opportunities and threats of the market, Nestlé can know in which business it should focus in order to increase sales.

* Nestlé is located in over 100 countries in all over the world. First it developed on European market (Germany, France, United Kingdom...) and then after the World War I it established itself on the American market where it built more than 40 factories. So with this expansion it captured the international market. * Nestlé...
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