Negotiations Techniques

Topics: Negotiation, Best alternative to a negotiated agreement, Dispute resolution Pages: 11 (3239 words) Published: March 7, 2013
the wits business school|
The Journal|
Negotiations: BUSA 5197|
Name: Bongani Jonathan Sibeko|
Student Number: 9909547a|
Submitted in partial fulfilment for the Negotiation course as part| of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PDM)|
programme at the Wits Business School (WBS).|
Lecturer: Dr Geoffry Heald|
Submission Date: 29 October 2012|
This is the journal submitted to show my learning during the Negotiations lectures; and also my application of the knowledge gained in different scenarios that I have witnessed and read about or been involved in.|


1.Appropriate Negotiation Scenes3
2.The Relationship Dimension3
2.1.Personal Relationships4
3.Employment Offer Negotiation4
4.The Speech Pattern during Negotiations5
5.How important is separating people from the problem?6
6.The Sally Soprano Case6
7.Power during Negotiation7
8.Students at Universities8
9.Tendering Process9
11.Understanding Stakeholders11

1. Appropriate Negotiation Scenes
Creating the scene for negotiating is very important. In today’s business environment, some negotiations occur in the golf course and this seems to be the trend that we see in the business world. Sometimes this sets the scene for emotional decision making, which generally is not suitable for business. How important is the setting the scene for negotiation?

The scene for negotiating has increasingly been informal. Some business negotiations and decisions are made in the golf course after a game of even during the game of golf. Example; Bruce Clarke of Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) negotiated for his position at RMB at the golf course. He was promised that he will manage his own compensation. The organisation failed to deliver on its promises and Bruce decided to sort legal action. This is just another example of decisions made in the wrong scene. 2. The Relationship Dimension

The relationship construct in negotiation is important to consider when preparing to present your case to the other party. How important is the relationship dimension of negotiation in different scenarios? Surely, the importance of the Relationship dimension of negotiation is different negotiation. The importance relationship becomes more important if you are still going to have some sort of relationship with the other party. If there will be no relationship with the other party, after the negotiation, the relationship dimension becomes less important. Example: Think of a divorce settlement negotiation. If there are kids involved in the relationship then the relationship aspect becomes very important in the negotiation as the two parties will still need to interact in the future. If there are no kids in the relationship then the relationship aspect of negotiation becomes less important.

3.1. Personal Relationships
In relationships, we are continuously faced with making choices that can have a potential damage to other relationships. Focus on maintaining the relationship by separating the people from the problem / issue. This means not allowing the disagreement to damage the interpersonal relationship. 3. Employment Offer Negotiation

4.2. Description:
I received an offer of employment from one of Anglo American Divisions. I would like to discuss the negotiation of the employment offer I received from this multi-commodity mining organisation. I found it very hard to negotiate the “adequate remuneration” for the position offered. I had mixed feelings about how they will feel about that. I felt that the...
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