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  • Published : November 2, 2012
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| | | |Persuasion and Negotiation Log | | |Bus 330/Management and Organizations | |

To encourage you to think about the many everyday opportunities you have to persuade and negotiate with others, and to improve these skills, you are being asked to go out and negotiate a series of five or more trades over the course of two weeks starting with a paperclip and ending with something substantially more valuable. On November 1st you will be asked to submit an analysis of the project accompanied by this negotiation log, which is a record of your five transactions.

|Item (Include Monetary Value) |Date of Trade |Name of Person You Traded With |Your Relationship with the person | |0. Marker ($1) |October 4, 2012 |Mark Brown |Neighbor | | | | |Comments About the Trade: |I thought that I needed to get an item for the paperclip that was not as insignificant as the paperclip and| | |that I could trade up more easily. When I saw Mark walk by my dorm room with a box of markers, I asked him | |(Example) |if he would give me one for my paperclip. He laughed and agreed to the trade. I guess having a specific | | |goal for my trade helped. | | | |...
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