Negotiation: Marketing and Free Training Sessions

Topics: Marketing, Price, Pricing Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Negotiation Assignment

I have always wanted to sign up for a membership at some fitness centers in Bangkok. Therefore, I decided to find more information on the prices of the programs at different well-known fitness centers around Bangkok. After spending several days on research, I found that True Fitness Center is the most interesting center as it has one branch that is very close to my place.

Last week, I went to the center at CentralWorld department store with my friends to learn more about the facilities offered and how crowded they are at the time I would work out there. I then met the salesman and the negotiation began. I told the salesperson that I would like to sign up for a one-year contract and asked for more details about the pricing of the program. After the salesperson informed me the current pricing, I flinched (Flinch). I told him that the price was too high for me and asked him if he could give me a special discount of five thousand baht. (Split the difference). I told him that I really like this place but the price was much higher than another place that I just went yesterday. They offered me a lower price and a better promotion (Play the reluctant buyer). The salesperson is professionally trained so they were ready to negotiate with me. He told me that he understands that his price was much higher than the competitors but he assured me that True Fitness offers the best facilities and professional trainers. He said he could not give me the price I asked for but he could offer me a discount of two thousand baht with a free spa voucher that could be use at the center any time I want. I told the salesperson that my parents might not be happy with the prices as I have to use their credit card to pay for the membership fee, so I went out and pretended that I was talking to my parents (Higher authority). I went back to them and told him that my parents were okay with the prices and would allow me to sign up for a membership if they would provide...
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