Learning Negotiation Strategies for a Managerial Role

Topics: Negotiation, Management, Strategy Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: April 12, 2013
I was assigned the role of the manager Dale Williams. My role was to convince and motivate my subordinates that wearing the safety glasses is important. The major points I took out from Dale's role description for use in my negotiation strategy were the 14 years managerial experience, J.B. Harris' recent accident and the one-week suspension fear.

Following are the negotiation strategies I developed for Pat according to my natural preferences and the knowledge that Pat Taylor was the informal leader, with over 20 years’ experience and talks a lot about his grandchildren. I planned to use influence tactics like Rationality using logic behind safety glasses being safer, Coalition building using the point of the company being one big family, Emotional appeal using the point of him being an example for his grandchildren and Impression management using him being an idol for other employees in the department because of his experience.

When I interviewed Pat, he first had a problem that the safety glasses would actually increase risk. For this, I gave him my personal assurance that best quality glasses would be provided to avoid any increase in risk and that I have personally checked into the grading system of the association responsible. Another issue Pat had was that the glasses are actually unnecessary in the department in addition to being an unnecessary cost for the company. The negotiation tactic I used for this was that even if that argument was true it’s no use getting suspended over such petty compromises. I said that when one rule is broken, everyone starts considering all rules to be unimportant. If Pat doesn’t wear the safety glasses, any new employees in the other departments might also start considering it an unimportant rule, a situation that would be unacceptable to the company’s upper management. I also used the strategy of the whole company acting as a team, i.e., one for all and all for one. As far as the cost factor was concerned, I explained...
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