Negotiation-Real World Reflection

Topics: Household income in the United States, Marketing, Negotiation Pages: 4 (1249 words) Published: March 30, 2013
“Real world” negotiation reflection

As the senior manager, I finish the annual performance evaluation of my team members in January. After finishing evaluation I will hold interviews with them, talk about their efforts and the plans for this year. Lilly is one of my team members with a better knowledge of the logistics industry. Based on her performance in 2012, her annual performance is rated B+ and she can get 8% increase in year-end bonuses. In addition, I plan to promote her as a team leader responsible for the logistics software products promotion in the northern market. Since our company’s business development in 2013 will increase the input in the northern market, I expect the annual sales income in 2013 will increase by 30% under the expected market goals achieved; as a team leader, Lilly’s personal annual income will increase by 15% -20%, depends on the sales commission. But because of some family reasons, she may not be willing to travel for a long time. Before the interview, I heard another message: Lilly was dissatisfied for her personal income being less than another team member, Han, who joined the team in the beginning of 2012. In addition, Lilly has been worked as a consultant for almost 5 years and she feels a little boring on this work. Due to marketing sales job vacancies in our company, she wants to try the position as a sales manager, in order to get a new working experience and get more time to take care of her family.

Planning Document
What issues are most important to you?
1. Retain Lilly as my team member.2. Promote her as the team leader responsible for the northern market.| What issues are most important to your counterpart? 1. Dissatisfaction with her personal income.2. Can the company provide the new challenges on the consultant job?3. Cannot travel a lot due to family reasons.| What is your BATNA? 1. Retain Lilly as my team member without promotion since she won’t be willing to travel a lot....
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