Negotiation Skills

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Island Cruise Report


Nowadays, in any business environment and real life situations, all the time, people have to deal something. The Island Cruise exercise mainly discuss about a negotiation about a cruise ship to gain the right to visit a tropical island. At the first sight, it looks so simple, but the Capitan Stuart Bing, in order to promote the cruise’s trips, seems very interest to disembark in the “Tropical Island” at any price. In the other side, the island’s Major Gil Egan wants to preserve the cultural and ecologic equilibrium of the island and its population. This report is going to be explained the main negotiation’s issues, the kind of negotiation in this case, characters’ strategies, and possible tactics the main players may apply to success in the negotiation.

Three Main Negotiation’s Issues.

First, large cruise ships impact the Tropical Island severely. The pollution generates by more than 3,000 people and a large ship in one day is ecology’s detonator. The island habitants do not want to break the natural’s equilibrium nor the bay to swim and fish to preserve the ecosystem and the most productive fishing spot.

Second, the island’s Major Gil Egan is worried about the native habitants’ lifestyle and harmony. A lack of regulations would impact in the community’s traditions, social, economics, and environmental aspects; especially if the Tropical Island is considered: “The Last Unspoiled Island.” It is not easy to handle a radical change in a closed-population that has maintained its unique cultural traditions open its barrier to thousands and thousands of tourists.

Finally in the other hand, Capitan Stuart Bing and the cruise’s management crew main issue in this negotiation is the lack of infrastructure of the Tropical Island to support the needs of hundreds or thousands of visitors at the same time (like there is only one restroom in the whole island); this situation may caused unhappy memories to the wealth visitors....
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