National Restaurant Chain Database

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Using a database management system (DBMS) is a wise decision for any business that plans to implement the use of a database as part of their IT infrastructure. A database management system, also referred to as a database manager (Rouse, 2005), allows one or many computers to create, query, and manipulate data in the database (Rouse, 2005). The database management system also manages request from users and applications, making the database much more user friendly, since the users nor the applications have to know where the data is physically located for the database (Rouse, 2005). Where multi-user systems are being utilized the database management system does not allow the current user to see who else is accessing the information. The database contains data that needs to be protected from intentional or accidental misuse (Ricardo, 2012). The database management system is instrumental to securing the database; and that system allows the database administrator to setup security restrictions and enforce them on multiple levels, making sure only those with the proper credential have access to the data (Ricardo, 2012). The DBMS also adds to the overall security by having the functionality to encrypt the data before it is stored in the database (Ricardo, 2012). The database management system also helps to ensure database integrity, making sure data is readily accessible and is organized as intended by the database administrator (Rouse, 2005). The DBMS also allows the database administrator to define integrity constraints, which are consistency rules that the database must obey (Ricardo, 2012). Many small businesses are storing their data in programs such as Microsoft Works or Microsoft's spreadsheet application Excel. These systems can be very difficult for new staff to pickup on and can over complicate and greatly delay the day to day business operations ("db net solutions,”). A database management system like Microsoft Access will give a small to medium sized...
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