Oracle Features

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Oracle Features
The Oracle database is a broad and powerful product.
To give some structure to the broad spectrum of the Oracle database, we’ve organized the features into the following sections: • Database application development features
• Database connection features
• Distributed database features
• Data movement features
• Performance features
• Database management features
Database Application Development Features
The main use of the Oracle database system is to store and retrieve data for applications. The features of the Oracle database and related products described in this section are used to create applications. We’ve divided the discussion in this section into two categories: database programming and database extensibility options. Later in this chapter, we describe the Oracle Developer Suite, a set of optional tools used in Oracle Database Server and Oracle Application Server development. Database Programming

All flavors of the Oracle database include different languages and interfaces that allow programmers to access and manipulate the data in the database. Database programming features usually interest two groups: developers building Oracle-based applications that will be sold commercially, and IT organizations within companies that custom-develop applications unique to their businesses. The following sections describe the languages and interfaces supported by Oracle.This is the Title of the Book, eMatter Edition Copyright © 2004 O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved. 10 | Chapter 1: Introducing Oracle

The ANSI standard Structured Query Language (SQL) provides basic functions for data manipulation, transaction control, and record retrieval from the database. However, most end users interact with Oracle through applications that provide an interface that hides the underlying SQL and its complexity. PL/SQL

Oracle’s PL/SQL, a procedural language extension to SQL, is commonly used to implement program logic modules for applications. PL/SQL can be used to build stored procedures and triggers, looping controls, conditional statements, and error handling. You can compile and store PL/SQL procedures in the database. You can also execute PL/SQL blocks via SQL*Plus, an interactive tool provided with all versions of Oracle. Oracle Database 10g includes a more optimized version of the core PL/SQL engine, as Oracle9i allowed creation and storage of precompiled PL/SQL program units.

Java features and options
Oracle8i introduced the use of Java as a procedural language with a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in the database (originally called JServer). JVM includes support for Java stored procedures, methods, triggers, Enterprise JavaBeans™ (EJBs), CORBA, and HTTP. The Accelerator is used for project generation, translation, and compilation, and can also be used to deploy/install shared libraries. The inclusion of Java within the Oracle database allows Java developers to leverage their skills as Oracle application developers. Java applications can be deployed in the client, Application Server, or database, depending on what is most appropriate. We discuss Java development in Chapters 13 and 14.

Oracle data warehousing options for OLAP and data mining provide a Java API. These applications are typically custom built using Oracle’s JDeveloper. Large objects
Interest in the use of large objects (LOBs) continues to grow, particularly for storing nontraditional datatypes such as images. The Oracle database has been able to store large objects for some time. Oracle8 added the capability to store multiple LOB columns in each table. Oracle Database 10g essentially removes the space limitation on large objects.

Object-oriented programming
Support of object structures has been included since Oracle8i to allow an object-oriented approach to programming. For example, programmers can create user-defined datatypes, complete with their own methods and attributes. Oracle’s object support includes a feature...
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