Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal

Topics: Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal
Juan Manuel Martinez
Kimberly Phillips
Shana Moore
Ken Frasier
Nicole Ricouard
Randy Shirley
Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal
Possessing the right collaborative tools when conducting business is essential; we have been using Microsoft Excel at Party Plates for quite some time now. In the search for a database that will be more compatible to hold and organize the data of the company, the capabilities of Microsoft Access will be what we are looking for. We want to highlight some keys elements that would help us in making that for the future of our business. Using Microsoft Access at Party Plates will be very beneficial because we can manage the data on multiple tables. This program can organize payroll, the amount of sales, customer’s information, which are viewed on two or more tables. Multiple spreadsheets would not be necessary as in the Excel program. Access uses relationships between the data as a common field, which reports, tables, and forms can be created. Access will allow a larger amount of data to be held than Excel. With the expansion of the data, Excel is better when using formulas or keeping track of numeric data. It would be cost-effective to our company buy cutting back on labor and not over buy on inventory. Because Microsoft Access is used at Party Plates, the program would allow us to collaborate with other stores on how their sales were and to schedule very important meetings with other stores. The program is a very reasonable price compared to other software t out there and is used more widely. It will help prevent duplicate data and will be avoid manually inputting data from inventory. Party Plates needs this software because of all the different items that we sale, and we can use it to make tables, which allows data is normalized. Incorporating this software will be easy to teach our employees. Our employees who use the program will benefit from that the program has...
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