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In the movie The Proposal, the two most important main characters are Margaret Tate and Andrew Paxton. Verbal and non-verbal actions from these characters clearly reveal their true nature. Margaret is a cold woman with utmost confidence. Andrew, on the other hand, is a typical guy with very rich and caring family.

The opening scenes where Andrew realizes that he was late for work and all of the events that lead to him arriving at work show that he is under his boss's thumb. At this point in the movie, Andrew seemed to be a fairly normal guy with a really moody and demanding boss. As the movie progresses, Andrew shows more and more of his true personality. Andrew is confident, witty, strategic, assertive, and wants to be treated like a normal person; he purposely chooses not to tell people in New York about his background.

In the beginning, Margaret is an overly confident control freak who thinks less of most other people. She walks with her head up, hand out to the side, has perfect posture, and either looks down at people or does not look at them at all. In the scene where Bob insults Margaret, she snickers at him and confidently shuts him up by disclosing embarrassing personal information to everyone in the room. Margaret has no compassion, let alone any other human emotions, toward other people. In addition to all of this, Margaret has no concern for immigration laws and assumes things will work in her favor regardless. After the infamous kiss, Margaret starts to change. She becomes more relaxed, more human, and even has some fun.

Throughout the movie, there were several ways in which body language was used to show the chain of authority. At the beginning, Margaret always walked in front of Andrew and did not look at him when they spoke unless she had to be assertive with him. Another example of this is when they walked into Bob's office. Margaret told Andrew, in an arrogant manner, that he was just a “prop”. Fortunately for Andrew, he eventually gets...
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