CRM Case Analysis: Turkish Airlines

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Leading Turkish Airline Manages All Agency Activities Thanks to New CRM System Pegasus initially began using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage the activities of sales representatives. Thanks to its strong infrastructure, the company quickly expanded the area of Microsoft Dynamics use in order to manage all agency relationships and respond to unscheduled charter flight requests coming from different channels.

Business Needs

Pegasus is expanding its operations with each passing day, while investing in its fleet to increase capacity. In order to fully use this new capacity by increasing agency performance and by fulfilling charter flight requests from tour operators, Pegasus sought a solution to coordinate and control these activities. The main goals were the ability to examine the sales teams’ activities, to easily monitor the agencies’ performance and to track incoming requests from different tour operators, as well as communications related to these requests.

As the sales teams are always on the go, it was necessary to set up a common platform for effective and quick information sharing as concerns their meetings as well as notes related to these meetings with the management team.

Another important source of Pegasus income is private flights. A control application, where private flight requests from tour operators and corporate customers could be collected in a single pool and scheduled in a timely and correct manner, was required.


The data processing department that was receiving these requests decided to develop a solution using Microsoft SharePoint, a software program it already used. The team discussed the issue with Microsoft’s partner, Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri, with whom they collaborated on SharePoint projects, and learned that Microsoft Dynamics CRM could provide a quicker solution. The data processing department, striving to quickly fulfill the sales team’s requests, realized that their needs could be met quickly by following...
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