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Topics: Police, Court, Criminal law Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Week 2
Define and compare the differences between substantive law and procedural law. Identify the seven principles of Criminal Law.
Classify crimes into either misdemeanors or felonies, including the assigned degree of crime.

Week 3
Describe and summarize the history of American Police to include the political era, the professional model era, and the community model era. Identify the styles of policing to include the watchman, legalistic and service. Evaluate the nature of police work as it relates to citizen-police encounters and the subsequent role of discretion. Week 4

Contrast the differences of force used by the police in carrying out their duties to include reasonable force legitimate force and excessive force. Explain the Supreme Court standard of the ultimate seizure, “i.e. deadly force as determined in the case of Tennessee v. Garner Compare the use of “Miranda Warnings” when questioning suspects who are in police custody with those who are not in police custody. Determine when a statement made is inadmissible in court. Week 5

Describe the dual court system in America along with the hierarchy of courts i.e. general jurisdiction, appellate, etc Assess the manner in which judges are selected
Explain the make-up of the court workgroup and how it functions. Week 6
Describe the nature and function of a jury trial.
Select a 12 member jury based on a pool of available candidates Compare the cost to house inmates over the last decade and determine if it cost more, less, or remained the same. Week 7
Describe the major goal of probation in modern society.
Develop an essay which encompasses major topics in our course of study. Identify the seven factors which are thought to contribute to prison violence Week 8
Explain why laws, which have defined criminal enterprise, must change to keep pace with advancing technologies i.e. computer/cyber crimes, use of DNA in identifying potential suspects/offenders, GPS systems in tracking sexual offenders...
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