Effective Communication Paper

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Effective Communication Paper

Jill Bell


Instructor Williams

December 3, 2012

The organization model that I am most familiar with is the functional structure. Most of the businesses that I have worked for have been set up this way. For instance, in the real estate office that I work for – we have the Owner, then there is the Broker, then there are the agents and finally there is the support staff. The law firm that I work for is a bit different since it is so small but, there is the owner/operator/lawyer and then there is the paralegal/receptionist /bookkeeper – me.

The organization that I will be discussing in this paper will be the real estate firm. The firm receives inquiries on real estate sales and listing through referrals and inquires from advertising. We share knowledge, which is a very important, among ourselves in the forms of e-mails, phone calls, in person oral communication, text messages, messages left with support staff, blog, web page and on voice mail. We also use these types of communication with our clients. We have various techniques to use for communication, which are effective. These techniques have improved the ineffective ways we used to communicate. We have learned what works for our office and person preference through trial and error with the different technologies. Technology has had a large impact on communication in real estate sales. If one type of technology is not useful for the employees then the office works on solutions to those issues. The best piece of technology for effective communication for sharing ideas and information has been the computer through e-mails and company website. With the use of e-mails, one can attach files with pictures, graphs, data, reports and any sort of media that will be useful to other members of the organization and clients.

An advantage of a functional organizational structure is that it offers a high level of specialization. Each unit operates as a type of...
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