Efficiency & Collaboration Proposal

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Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal
Norris Johnson
July 23, 2012

Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal
Mr. Bob Jenkins
Party Plates, Inc.
8462 Anywhere Lane
Smalltown, AZ. 00000

July 23, 2012

Subject: Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal


The purpose of this proposal is to show you why improving the efficiency of the current information systems that is being used in the sales department will benefit Party Plates. The sales department is currently using Microsoft Excel and would like to move to another relational database such as Microsoft Access. Team A will be addressing how converting from Excel to Access will help the company, and the advantages of using Access and the disadvantages of using Excel. Team A will also introduce collaborative software and how it is used and what it will do for the company. Team A will also explain how the change will affect the internal communication and how the company can benefit for the change of software. Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program which is used to store, organize, and handle data. It is a grid that consists of rows which consists of numbers, columns which consists of letters, and cells which is the unit that is used to store data. It can also be used for graphing, sorting, and filtering data. (About.com Spreadsheets, 2012) Microsoft Access is a tool used to manage information which helps store information for references, reports, and analysis. It also helps to manage huge sums of information. (OpenGates Software, 2012) Microsoft Access consists of Tables, Relationships, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros, and Modules. (SimplyAccess, 2012)

Software that will also help improve communication includes terminal emulators, file transfer programs, chat and instant messaging. (Ask, 2012) It is a program that transmits files between computers. (techopedia, 2010) CONVERTING FROM EXCEL TO ACCESS

When using Excel you normally use one worksheet to handle all of...
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