Oracle Database 11 G

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Oracle Database 11 g is a comprehensive platform database, there are many features of the Oracle product that support different kinds of companies worldwide. This writing assignment will present an overview of some Oracle features. More specifically this paper will focus on the main features of oracle database administration, like security, indexing constraints and views.

Basic user security

Security refers to activities and measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an information system and its main asset, data. (Coronel, 2010). Database security consists of the mechanisms that protect the database against intentional or accidental threats. Security considerations apply not only to the data held in a database but security breaches can affect other parts of the system. Database security takes into consideration hardware, software, users and the data. To effectively implement security requires appropriate controls, which are defined in specific mission objective. This need for security, while often having been neglected or overlooked in the past , is now increasingly recognized by organizations. The reason for this turnaround is the increasing amounts of crucial corporate data being stored on computer and the acceptance that any loss or unavailability of this data could prove to be disastrous. . ( Connolly, 2005). Oracle, like the rest of the computer industry, has provided a large sampling of security settings for the database. The basic levels of security break down to account, access, and system level security. To access a database, a user must run a database application and connect to the database instance using a valid user name defined in the database. For Oracle, the creation of a new user with password authentication must be set. Whenever the user attempts to connect to the database, this user will be presented with a Connect or Log On dialog box, prompting for a user name and password to access the specified database. (Connolly, 2005) Apart for authentication and authorization there are three other areas of database security that this paper will discuss which are privileges and roles. Database security strives to insure that only authenticated users perform authorized activities at authorized times and there are many concepts as it relates to the security of a database. The main methods use in ensuring security of database include authorization, access control, views and integrity constraints. Authorization and authentication deals with the granting of access to the database and helps determine whether a user is who he or she claims to be. These methods control the access by defining each user to the database, assigning passwords to each user, defining user groups, assigning access privileges and controlling the physical access. (Coronel, 2010). Views also act as a form of security by restricting certain parts of the database from different users. Integrity constraints also add to ensuring database security by preventing data from being invalid, and hence giving misleading or incorrect results. Although access control and the methods briefly described above are the centrepiece of database security, with the widespread use of the internet, a database administrator must be concerned with securing the perimeter and be involved directly and/or indirectly interacting with system administrator, web-administrator in other areas of security. (Murray, 2010).

Because roles allow for easier and better management of privileges, privileges should normally be granted to roles and not to specific users. Finally the overall Oracle system has its own security to control new table creation, or deletion. These combine to present a very complex and configurable security model. (Connolly, 2005). Describe the purpose of an index

Connolly describes an index as a structure that provides faster access to the rows of a table based on the values of one or more columns. The...
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