Assignment 2- Database Modeling and Normalization

Topics: Data, Computer data, The Commission Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Assignment 2- Database Modeling and Normalization

Dr. Amir Afzal
Strayer University- CIS 515
August 7, 2012


Selling high end electronics is big business and being a commissioned employee in that field if your sales are up means big money. Prices for electronics range from the low hundreds into the thousands. It really depends on the person style, specifications they are looking for, trust in the brand, and the depth of their pockets, how much a person is willing to spend for example on a that high definition led plasma television that is 52 inches. No matter the cost, businesses want to keep a track of the sales of their employees and how much they are getting paid. In this case a high-end electronics store wants to streamline data processing to enable them to help determine the commissions paid to employees. Assignment 2- Database Modeling and Normalization

Streamlining processes allows information to be available to users across the system. In order for the finance department to be able to find the commission paid to employee’s information that maybe held by other departments such as human resources will be needed. Once the database is complete and has all the information such as: employee first and last name, employee ID, yearly salary, commission rate, department, etc, the finance department can then being to generate that information. In this case a query is designed to allow the finance department to determine commissions paid to employees of specific departments. That code will be compared to the code that would show how much total compensation is paid to each employee monthly. Lastly it will be described how Big Data could be used to assist in productivity and forecasting of organizations product and resources. Methods

After information is gathered about the employee; most of what was mentioned before, and input into the system a query can be designed to pull that information from the tables. In order to pull information from...
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