My Sweet Memorable Days

Topics: Love, Nizam, 2008 singles Pages: 3 (1362 words) Published: May 8, 2012
sweet memorable events of my life

From the very little, like from class five I was stay outside the home on the hostel at Muradpur Ramakrishna mission. There the base of my life was built with very strong. But I was distance from my mamoni,bapi& dada’s love, affection, illusion & delight. Then I was bounded under the mission’s four wall boundaries. I always fond of these love, affection, illusion & delight, but I never got it properly. When I was in class ten, after the test exam dada took me to the Salt Lake, R.V.T.I., where he works as a manager of a ladies hostel. I was stay there as a canteen staff, but i did not do anything except some light work, whole day I was enjoying there with Tanu di, Olivia di, Anamika di, Sruti di, Seema di, Bani di, Milan di, Moonmoon di, Sinjini di, Sweta mam, Reeta mam, Rakesh, chottu, and so more didi was there. From the very first day I most like as a didi to Tanu di. I don’t know why I was so impressed to her sweet voice tone. Milan di guides me as much as an English teacher. From there I was going to the Dibhai’s house for getting tuition from her & from Masima. At the R.V.T.I. i spent all the time with joyfully. At the morning we get up with interchanging the kisses with dada & I, whole night we hold together and one keep his face over the other’s face. In most of the day that would happen. And thus our morning was started with a lot of love. Then we take our morning-works& bath, then we take our breakfast. I always want to eat with Tanu didi’s group, mainly with Tanu di. In some times she was feeding me and i feeding to her. I love that so much. Then we go to our room and there were F.M., TAPE,and a small T.V. I was listening or sawing one of them. In some time I coming to the outer canteen, there we gossip with Rakesh da, chottu, kakima and with security guards. They all like to me. In some timesi played karam board with Rakesh or security kaku. At the evening when the college was finished, i...
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