Favorite Memory

Topics: Baseball, Baseball rules, Play Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: December 9, 2010
Samantha Vega
Eng 073-08
My Favorite memory
My Favorite memory was when I first played in a softball game, it was very exciting, nerve reckon and challenging. Stepping into the field was the best feeling in the world. The air was so fresh. The field was very smooth and the dirt was crispy brown. I remembered watching girl’s plays softball at a young age and I always wanted to see how it felt to play. I became fascinated and was amazed how older girls played amongst themselves and I actually learned just by watching.

Playing softball for the first time was exciting. The weather was very nice, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the birds chirped and the wing blew so smoothly. I could also hear the crowed yelling and shouting excited to see the game. My parents were also there supporting me at my first game. Lincoln high school, a school that wasn’t very good in softball but that was my team. We were facing a school from Parsippany. It was a home game so we played in our field in Lincoln Park. It was diamond shape. The dirt was very smooth as I entered the field with my team. The grass on the outfield was wet and green, it was very shiny. Being my first time I was very happy and excited to play. I couldn’t imagine how much fun I was going to have. Softball is very nerve reckon sport. Trying to catch every ball that comes your way or hitting the ball to make a run. Having two strikes on you, 2 outs, last inning and the game is tied makes you really nervous. In my memory, after the team got ready and prepared to face the opponents, number 23 stepped up to the plate and started of the game. I was in center field on the outfield. I was going to give it my all and have our first win. So number 23 had 2 strikes and 1 ball. Yari, our team captain was pitching; everyone was rooting her on to make that out. Number 23 was a big girl, she looked strong and hit the ball all the way to outfield were I was playing my position. I ran as quickly as I could to catch...
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