A Day to Remember - I Can Still Remember It Like It Was Yesterday

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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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I can still remember it like it was yesterday. It all started at about 2 p.m. It was the time I went back from school on foot. I was so tried and all I wanted was to just relax and eat. When I arrived at the front gate, I was shocked.The gate and the door were opened. It was because at that time there was nobody in my house as all my family members were not at home I was frightened and did not know what I should do. Should I go inside or call the police? I was hesitant because my family went out for work and they would normally tell me if they took afternoon off. However, I decided to see what was happening. I picked up a hard stick so that if something happened, I could protect myself. Then, I walked slowly to my house. I took a deep breath yet, the feeling of dread weighted heavily on me. I clenched the wooden stick on my hands, mind alert and be ready. I walked slowly into my house with my wooden stick in hands. Suddenly, I had nagging feeling that I was being followed. My senses were very alert and I could hear footsteps behind me but when I turned to glance behind I could see no one. I did not take too much notice on it actually. I thought that it might be my illusion because I was too nervous in such an unexpected situation. I grasped my wooden stick again, be prepared. I pushed the slightly-opened door, looked around if there were something going wrong. My heart started to beat quickly. Darkness always terrified me as the curtains blocked out the sun. I looked for the switch and turned on the light. I glanced around again to do a second check. There was nothing wrong! Everything was arranged properly and it just seemed like nothing happened. "What's happening and why is the door open but there seems to be no one inside? " i said to myself and all this while my head was filled with images of unrealistic thing from novels and movies. I crept around on tiptoes in order to find out what on earth was going on. As I was getting nearer to the staircase, I...
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