Favorite Memory

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  • Published : January 28, 2011
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The lights beamed down with intensity at the green field. All was silent, for my team had just got done with practice. I was sitting down in the stands imagining the next day, everyone cheering, adrenaline pumping, and ready to take on the opposing team. I had this vision of being in the last minutes of the game with a tied score, tired but motivated. The ball passed to me as I ran through the field, shifting and pushing through the opposing team. I was now within range and with only the goalie to confuse; I strike the ball without slowing down. It’s going, it’s going. Before I can think anymore my friend Karla comes and blurs my vision out of context. “Are you ready for tomorrow,” Karla asks. I respond, “We should all be ready, it’s the championship game.” For months we have been practicing, all of our hard work has led up to this moment. I remember game after game we had been wining, this year we made it to the championship. We had a new coach this season and he really knew how to motive us and push us to the limit.

The next day seemed to have gone twice as fast. Before I knew it the sun began to set and the game was ready to start. I was really excited; it was just like I had pictured it. The stadium had filled up with soccer fans everywhere. At the same time nervousness began to set in. The long hours awaited my team and I to give everything we had out there in the field. Our team was good but the opposing team was just as good so it was a challenge that grew in tension as the game progressed.

The greatest memory came when I scored the first goal of the game. We were well into our second half of the game and it was still 0-0 on the scoreboard. The other team had good defense and ours was just as good so it was getting frustrating to not score anything for our team and I assume the opposing team just as well. My goal began when an opposing team player out of confusion passed the ball to me while I was still within their half of...
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