My Mother at Sixty Six

Topics: Filial piety, Love, Child Pages: 3 (1214 words) Published: September 27, 2011
My Mother at Sixty­Six / KAMALA DAS / Page 1 My Mother at Sixty­Six

Kamala Das – as a poet of the first water Kamala Das is a tale weaver – weaving the rhythm of life into a tale of soul – a poet who loves to be loved in silence. She says, "I wanted to fill my life with as many experiences as I can manage to garner because I do not believe that one can get born again". This poem is an example of such experience with oozing agony and melancholy – beleaguered with modern economic system. Summary of “My Mother at Sixty-Six” On a gray day, the speaker leaves her mother as well as her home to win her bread, while her mother with a long face stands and stares. The speaker easily filters her glimpses through the plethora of unfamiliar faces. When a bouquet of cheerful children is caught fluttering in the open with sheer alacrity, revives in her the smarting childhood agony of a mysterious premonition, that is, losing her mother. Reviving from the psychological flickers at once, she sees her mother is shielded inside a pal of benumbed silence. Still the airport hums, as the passengers are requested to filter through the custom's care. Still a helpless mother, with wrenching heart and swelling emotion, bids a helpless goodbye to her helpless daughter. Strangeness added to beauty The readers are proud of having read such a poem built on the agony of a wrenching heart that resides in a child for her mother. The poet looks into the gray olden age strumming the strings of childhood life. Bringing of the sportive children restores vivacity into the relationship. So we may without having a tinge of hesitation say, a mother's love is helplessly trampled under the technological terror of airplane wheels. Focus Mother stands in her life like a tree, on whose branch swings the childhood of the daughter. 1. Relationship – Relationship is the nucleus of the poem. It seems love creates an unfading relationship and it wields its brush over at least two souls and assigns a meadow of...
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