Letter to Mother by Sergei Yesenin: A Poem That Influenced Me

Topics: Poetry, Sergei Yesenin, Writing Pages: 3 (687 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Poem that has significantly influenced my life
“Letter to Mother” by Sergei Yesenin

I want to tell you about how this poem influenced my life, and what I’ve learned from this poem. The name of that poem is “Letter to Mother” by Sergei Yesenin. Sergei Yesenin was a Russian lyrical poet. He was one of the most popular and well-known Russian poets of the 20th century. Sergei Esenin was born in Konstantinovo in the Ryazan Province of the Russian Empire to a peasant family. He spent most of his childhood with his grandparents, who essentially raised him. He began to write poetry at the age of nine. The poem “Letter to Mother” was written in 1924 before the death of the poet. This poem was written not just about his mother, but about all mothers in general and about their love to their children. This poem was one of his best poems that he has ever written.

People write how sad you are, and anxious

For my sake, though you won't tell them so,
And that you in your old-fashioned jacket

Out onto the highroad often go.

These words from that poem made me understand that a mother never forgets about her son and that she would never show how she is worrying about him to others. After I read this poem, I remembered how my mother was worrying about me when I went to other countries alone for a long time; but, at the same time I was the one who she has showed those feelings. Before I read this poem, I had never thought about how my mother is worrying about me some times. But I think I still can’t understand all that she feels.

I love you as always and I'm yearning

In my thoughts for just one thing alone,

Soon to ease my heartache by returning

To our humble low-roofed country home.

After reading these words I understood that there is only the one place in the world where everyone would be happy to see you, it’s your home! It doesn’t matter where you are but your home is still the best place where you can stay. The best food, the most...
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