I Missing You Mom

Topics: Word, Linguistics, Dialect Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Word mother is very familiar to all of us because mother is someone who gives birth to us and a very close person in our life. The poem that we choose is ‘Dear Mama’ written by Wanda Coleman. From the title of the poem we already can tell that it about mother but still we don’t know what kind of the story about mother it going to tell. After we read it carefully and we find that the poem is very interesting. The poem is about the daughter who missing her mother. She tells about her missing feeling in her heart. This poem makes us realize that it important to spend your time with yours mother and make a lot of memory together or you will regret later. After we read and understand the contents of the poem, we think the poem is very nice because it can remind you the important person in your life. The poem is easy to understand. For us, the poem is about the historical or someone past experience. The poem kinder touch our heart and some part of poem it’s When we read the poem, we fell like the character is us and it also fill like we are in the world of that poem. Every single word in the poem consist a very deep meaning. The language use is a common daily language and some slang word like ‘honky’ and ‘uppity’. However they use that kind of language but it still easy for us to understand what they try to tell in the poem. Base on the poem we can tell that the general of the poem is elegy. This because elegy is mournful, especially a lament for the dead and the poem is about missing someone has gone. When we read the poem with tone, it flows like ballad.
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