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  • Published : March 7, 2007
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My mother is a great significance in my life. My mother takes great care of me. She supplies me with what I need and sometimes with what I want. She also drives me places. She is a wonderful mom.

First, my mother takes great care of me. If I am sick or injured, she always knows what to do. She seems to be the same thing as a doctor, except she does it for free. When I feel upset, she will find a way for me to feel better. For example, when I cut my leg open and needed a couple of stitches, we didn't go to a doctor. My mom some how knew what to do, and stitched up my leg. My leg ended up healing in 4 weeks.

Next, my mom tries to always give me what I need. If I need school supplies, she will try to get what I needed, so I could finish what ever I was doing because, she cares about my school work very much. Sometimes I also get what I want. For example, whenever I break my skateboard, she will let me order a brand new one. I love to skateboard, so my skateboard is also an important significance in my life.

Last, my mother will drive me almost anywhere. For example, when I missed the bus on the 3rd day of school, she drove me to school even when her work is in the opposite direction. Most of my friends' moms would just let their kid stay at home. If I want to go to the skate park, my mom will drive me and my friends there so I can practice skating. Either my mom loves me very much, or she just loves to drive around all day long.

My mom is a very important person to me. She takes really good care of me. She will buy me what I need and sometimes what I want. And she will drive me almost anywhere, near or far. In conclusion, my mother, Lorna Jaegers, is a very important/great significance in my life.
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