Old Woman

Topics: Pablo Picasso, Color theory, Primary color Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: August 20, 2012
During my trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the painting that caught my attention the most was the Old Woman (Woman with Gloves) painted by Pablo Picasso in France, created in 1901. This painting was located in the The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Resnick Rotunda room and apart of the The Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection. This painting was painted during Picasso’s Blue Period. The Blue Period is defined as a depressing and cheerless period. During this era, Picasso had a love for drawing women, prostitutes, girlfriends, vagrants, clowns and bums. All of the things in which Picasso loved to draw during the Blue Period, fit the mood of this specific painting perfectly. The painting, oil on cardboard canvas, was 26 3/8 x 20 ½ inches (67 x 52.1 cm) in size. The materials used in this particular canvas were the canvas itself, brushes, oil paints and a black frame. The medium which is defined as drawing material, which Picasso used with this painting, was paint oil paints. In this painting, the paint strokes were in a swirly direction going to the right. In addition to the swirly paint strokes, there are various colors of points as if Picasso dabbed the canvas with the tip of the brush throughout the painting. There are some white points, black points, green points, yellow points, blue points and red points. The surface of the canvas is neither impasto nor smooth. The paint is raised in different areas of the painting, giving it a rigid look.

black frame, is a finished painting, in my opinion. The black frame most definitely compliments the painting! Without the black frame, the painting looks plain and as if it is missing something. In this painting, which is fully filled is considered Baroque. Baroque is a style of European art of the 17th and 18th centuries. The painting consists of a very old looking woman, with an evil conniving-looking smile, wearing white gloves, which I believe are symbolic and representational. She is also...
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