My Future Spouse

Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: July 28, 2011
I would like my future husband to have the same personality and characteristics as my father. I do firmly believe that God gave me the perfect example of the way a husband should be, so when I found him, I would immediately recognize and connect with him, or maybe more importantly, I would wait for him until I find him. Three very unique traits stick out in my mind about my father that make up his whole personality, and my husband will have to posses these. First is kindness, genuine kindness. Second is intelligence, so when both of us have left our prime, we can still make each other laugh. Third is being responsible and accepting all that comes along with being a husband and a father.

I say my husband has to be kind, but not in the generic sense of the term. He has to be willing to inconvenience himself to make something better than when he left it and without expecting any compensation. A story my mother occasionally tells me perfectly captures what type of kindness I am referring to. My mother and father were on their first date. They were driving to a restaurant, when suddenly my father became obviously agitated. He suddenly pulled the car over, turned it around, and drove back about a hundred yards. Then, without saying anything, the got out of the car and picked up a turtle crossing the road and carried him to the opposite bank. He apologized for stopping the car as he did, and they proceeded to dinner. He never said another word about the incident. That is when my mother discovered she had met her future husband.

Intelligence is also something I value a great deal. I value the type of intelligence that is applicable, and open. Someone who spews out the names of all the battles of World War II and expects other to be impressed by his brilliance is so incredibly arrogant and annoying, and not the least bit attractive. Giving a friend good advice, or showing wisdom through actions is so much more important than knowing any fact about any war. I want him...
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