The Ideal Husband

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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When I was a little girl, my grandmother told me a lot of interesting legends with handsome and kind princes that were always in my mind, so I had a dream of marrying an ideal husband like them. Now, I would still like to marry a charming prince, I always believe that one day, I will meet my ideal lover and build a happy family with an ideal husband. Some women say that a husband is impossible to find, but an ideal one may be easier to find. The qualities of the ideal husband are probably different for each woman. For me, the ideal husband is a love umbrella to protect his wife from all difficulties in life.

The ideal husband should have good characters and good looking

appearance. He is surely regarded as the best person in his wife’s

eyes and his family’s. Firstly, “Tall, dark, strong, manly,

handsome” are beautiful words to use to describe the ideal one.

Some women pay great attention on the outward appearance when

they think of the ideal husband. This thing can be one of the

qualities but not the most important one because a successful

marriage is based on more things than appearance. In reality, there

are many strong evidences that suggest that the key to success in

marriage lies in the moral character of the husband. Secondly, he

must love his family sincerely and be faithful to his wife. He

understands his wife whenever she does not say anything about her

feelings or status. Moreover, he does everything for her or helps

her in all her work and be always beside her to share joys and

sorrows.  The ideal husband will tell his wife about her mistakes,

but in a loving way, he wants her to become better. In the

household chores, he is willing to help his wife to raise babies and

cook meals whenever she is tired. Finally, he must have

intelligence and economic skills. As a sentence: “a man builds a

house and a woman builds a home”, the ideal husband should earn

more money than his...
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