My Ideal Wife

Topics: Want, Woman, Marriage Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: April 13, 2011
My Ideal Wife
Beautiful, wise, intelligent and open-minded, most people have these qualities enlisted in their minds for their dream wives. However, everyone looks to each of these characteristics according to his conceptions especially when we look to these words we will find them general and can be interpreted to many meanings and ways. My Ideal wife should not be exactly the same as me but there should be a good atmosphere of understanding between us because she is supposed to be my life partner not my opponent. Beauty for me is not only the outer beauty because sooner or later it will be abolished but that inner beauty that comes from the kindheartedness. Sometimes I meet young women whose attitudes are marked by wickedness and slyness. Of course no one would wish to have any kind of relationship with such a person but the problem lies in finding out the truth about the one you love. A good wife should have enough wisdom to organize the domestic affairs. Sometimes the family fully depends on a decision that she might take, and a man always wants to make sure that things are going on well when he is not at home, and there is no one better than his wife whom he can trust with the stability of the family. This stability requires an intelligent wife who will act as if it was her husband who is acting; with the children and financial affairs. Jealousy is a popular culture in our society and it has its benefits and disadvantages. Of course I do not want to live with any constricting rules and I will need to feel that my wife cares about me at the same time. This riddle requires an open-minded woman who can understand my needs and my actions to be solved and it also can be linked to the intelligence that was formerly discussed. Most men have some hobbies, habits and interests that do not usually meet half-way with women. A good wife should know about my interests because it can be impressing or depressing to me.
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