Blond and Person

Topics: Blond, Blond hair, Hair color Pages: 6 (2098 words) Published: March 23, 2013

__Dyed hair    شعر مصبوغ 
 ___wavy hair   شعر مموج
___frizzy hair    شعر مجعد
___straight hair  شعر مفرود 
___fair hair    شعر ناعم
___a fringe hair  يستخدم فى اللغة الأنجليزية بمعنى  شعر مفرود على الضهر ___a parting hair  مزق وسط الشعر
___a pigair   دفيره
___a pory tail يستخدم فى اللغة الانجليزية بمعنى (ديل الحصان) ___a bun كحكه
___streaks hair =high light   شعر ذو خصلات ملونه ___lank hair  شعر ضعيف
___greasy hair شعر مدهون 
___dry hair  شعر جاف 
___shiny hair شعر مشرق وهو مصطلح مشهور فى اللغة الانجليزية ___dandrufy  قشره
___a wig   باروكه
___a toupee خصلة شعر 
___bald     أصلع 
نتمنى ان تكون

The person I like to talk about is my friend Dina. She is buitiful girl and kind person. She love her family so much. She has got a long hair his colour is blond. She is white. She has buiteful family. She was study hard in her schoole. She is clever person. Her hopes is reading in history. I’d like to be friend for her. I’d love her to much.

How are you? I would like speke on skryep my father. He works in a doctor. He shourt and fat and near a wint. He don’t love jop. He live in a marth Matroh. He don’t live in Mahalla. He don’t love crowed. He love me a lot. He hope seen me doctor.

I’d like speak about personality very beautifol. He is called Magdi Yakoup. He helps illnes. He is an old man. He is successful. He makes surgery opparation in heats. He gaves children new life.

The personal I will describe is my sister. She is beautiful. She has a long hair. She is blond. She is kind and helpful. She is clever in her work. She is a teacher of English. She like drawing. She is ideal for me. I want to be like her.

My father is my ideal. He is tall and thin. He has a strong personality. He is fantestic character. He is a teacher. He like watching TV and he like films. He works hard in his school. I like him so much because he kind and clever.

The person who I want to describe is my sister. She is blond. She is short and fit. She is kind and different on my sister the second. She has a baby. Ilove her so much. I see her ber week. She is very busy all the week. She is a nurse. She has a big heart. She likes her husband and all the people. She is a lovely person.

I’d like to talk about my father. He is handsome. He has fine black hair and white clear skin. He is smart and always successful in his study. He is working now as a teacher in one primary school. He works hard and all the students love him. His favorite hoppy is playing football. He is too kind and thoughtful. I love him too much. I hope that he can live a long time. I wish him a long life.

I’d like to speak about my father. He is a teacher. He works at one secondary school in Mahalla. All the students and his colleagues like and respect him as he is hard worker. He is too kind and thoughtful. I love him too much as he treats me gently. He likes fishing and cooking but my mother don’t like him to make anything in the kitchen. She complains from him as he making the kitchen untidy. However, my mother likes him and his cooking so much. Finally he is a funny and lovely person that everyone like to be a friend for him.

I describe my mother. I love my mother. She is kind woman and good in workhouse. She is a teacher of English. Student love her because she love them and she teach English very well. She is a blond face. She love me and other family. She try to keep me and my brothers a good persons. She is cheerful. She is helpful. She helps other people if someone asked her any helping. Her hobbies is reading and watching t.v. about news. She hopes to me to be a doctor and I will try hard to achieve her dream. I love her and I will name my daughter that name like her.

I will describe my mother. She is my friend. I love she so much. She is so kind and friendly. She working in her house. But she didn’t complete her education, but she is very clever. She cook well. She keep the house tidy and order. She like to go with...
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