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Sébastien Aubert
Bérénice Buttin
Julien Chevalier
Manuela Dooh-Collins
Alexandre Pabiot

California Milk

1. What associations do consumers have for milk? What are the implications of these associations in terms of building brand equity for and increasing the consumption of milk?

Regarding the nutritional image of milk, consumers associate the drink as a product of well-being, with essential nutritional qualities for the body, calcium source, thus enabling a good growth. It is a good drink for children as for adults. Consumers associate the image of milk to the image of the mother, of the child, and want it to be a healthy product.

But for some consumers, it also produces heat. The composition of milk remains uncertain (particularly for 1% milk, 2% and skim milk). It may also have a bad image among people who do not digest milk, or who are lactose intolerant. The milk often causes allergies, and many people refuse to drink it. (They are 10 million people in the United States who can’t consume milk, for various reasons).

Regarding the image of "brand" of milk, the drink is primarily associated with two things:

* The time of day during which it is consumed.
It is often associated with nostalgia of childhood, moments shared with family. For Americans, drinking milk is from generation to generation, as is the case with the wine for the French. Consumers prefer drinking with family at breakfast, dinner or at the snack, always at home.

* The food that accompanies it:
Consumers tend to drink milk in combination with other foods (cakes, cereal, cookies, coffees, milkshakes and jelly sandwich). They can’t imagine eating these products without milk, they would lose all their flavor.

However, it is a drink that people don’t use to think to accompany a meal with, especially outside the home. They prefer soft drinks, which are more portable and offering a mix of multiple flavors, unlike milk. And as more and more mothers are working,...
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