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The core object of this report is Mr. Pizza in Olympic Town, Tianjin, China. With the appliance of on-the-spot investigation and questionnaire as well as the direction of Mr. Pizza’s information presented on net and communication with managers and guests, the main research contents covered in this reports lays on four categories, including target customer segment, marketing mix, competition and improvements. From the positioning and location decision to pricing and promotion, Mr. Pizza always follows the company philosophy and objectives, and promise what they can provide and provide more than their promise. Under the practice of corporate culture and the belief in serving customers by heart, Mr. Pizza is developing healthily and stably.

1. Who is Mr. Pizza
1.1 Background
Mr. Pizza Korea Co., Ltd. is a Korean pizza franchise company. Headquartered in Banpo-Dong Seocho-Gu Seoul, Korea, it was established in 1990. It is a restaurant chain making Korean style pizza. After establishing a franchise in Ewha Women's University, Mr. Pizza opened a store in Beijing, China in 2000. The Mr. Pizza logo, a slanted, stylized 'Pizza & Hand', is symbolic of two people (the company and customer) shaking hands and its official slogan is "Love for Women" as of 2008. 1.2 Mr. Pizza in the Olympic Town in Tianjin

The branch we are studying on locates in Olympic Town business center A1, binshuixi road, nankai district, which is the 7th franchisee opened in China. Our group members have gone there for three times, and based on our observation and investigation, the popularity of it is beyond question. When we went there during normal dining period, almost all the seats were occupied, and when even we went there at 3:30P.M., there also were several tables of guests enjoying their meals. The table below created on account of the data given by the manager shows us that the occupancy rate is very high, especially during the normal dining hours and he lowest occupancy rate happens during 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. Table 1

The occupancy rate of Mr. Pizza

Time Seats Available Occupied Seats Expense per Person Revenue 11:00~13:00 130 130 70 9100 13:00~15:00 130 70 60 4200 15:00~17:00 130 82 76 6232 17:00~19:00 130 130 84 10920 19:00~21:00 130 110 63 6830 Sum 650 530 37282 Seats Occupancy 81.5%

RevPASH ¥28.7/hour

2. Target Customer Segment
According to the general manager of Mr. Pizza Corporation, the location of each branch must follow a strict requirement. So, does our one meet the requirement of the franchisor? 2.1 Demographic
After the one-the-spot inspection, we found out that several advanced residential quarters, schools scattered around the Olympic Town branch, which indicates that the potential customers whose incomes are high or who chase for fashion are large in amount. Besides, Olympic Town area is considered as Korean living area. And foreigners are also easy to be seen. Our group members once stand in front of the entrance of the Olympic Town Business Center and recognized that there might be 20 Koreans in every 100 peoples passing by. So, it is obvious that this location meets the requirement of targeting on people who have higher income including foreign visitors and international students as well as families. And apart from our observation, the manager told us that students like to come for party or celebration while families who would like to have better Korean Pizza and enjoy the environment also come. On the aspect of age, according to our investigation, we found out that people aged from 26 to 35 covers 50% of the diners. These people are young and like western...
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