Subway Analysis

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Currently, franchisee is one of the most popular business models in Australia. In 1965, an American university student formed the SUBWAY, a submarine sandwich restaurant. After 30 years development, Subway creates a sandwich empire through franchisee model and fast extent to 90 countries with more than 300000 restaurants in global range. Currently, economic crisis is impacted Australia and deeply bring the negative influence to Australia economic system. The data indicate Australia is involved in stagflation and unemployment reached the history record constantly. The report will addressed the issues of SUBWAY franchisee which provide a brief understanding of internal and external environment which may apply to impact on the SUBWAY restaurant.

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Internal Environment Analysis3
External Environment Analysis5
Customers Environment Analysis.9
Competitors Environment Analysis11
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Subway is the largest submarine sandwich provider and the third largest chain restaurant after the Mcdonald’s.( 2009) It was created by Fred De Luca in 1965. ( 2009) Currently, Subway has approximately 31125 restaurants in 90 countries. ( 2009) In 2006, Subway accumulated 9.05 billion revenue. The advertising slogan of Subway is “Eat Fresh” is the object of Corporate, which means every sandwich from Subway is made on freshly baked bread, using fresh ingredients and in front of the customer to their exact specification order by Subway employees. ( 2009) They wish use the “fresh” concept to attract more customer who are seek healthy and tasty food. The report is aim to bring general situation analysis to discuss the potential environment changes may impact the restaurant. The report includes four parts, internal environment analysis, external environment analysis, a detailed customers analysis and detailed competitors analysis. The situation analysis provides a brief idea that what is happening, what external environment that may impact on restaurant. Meanwhile, I will take questionnaire to collect the customer attitude data, the questionnaire form will be attached at Appendix 3

Internal Environment Analysis

Our restaurant is located at middle of food court at Box Hill Centro, which running from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.( The mission statement of the restaurant is our name is synonymous with unequalled quality of provides out team with a level of well being in business and life which is the envy of others. The mission is to improve in all that we do. As part of Subway group, the corporate objective is restaurant as well.

The major product of the restaurant is submarine sandwich. Meanwhile, the restaurants offer a great tasting alternative to other options with delicious range of salads, wraps, fruit slices, yoghurt and freshly baked cookies to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Currently the restaurant has five option of baked bread with three size, foot long, six inches or mini. Low fat package is available with whole range of product to satisfy the customer various needs. More than 10 kinds of crisp vegetables with cold cuts and 6 selected sauces are available. Between 9:00 am to 11:100 am, the restaurant supply the special breakfast manual. All food is qualified with top level of food quality standard and all employees are trained with exceptional service program.

The internal analysis will mix the data which I collected the questioner survey. The questioner targets half are the customer of Subway restaurant and half are the random customers in Boxhill shopping Centro. The survey took 80 samples totally. The whole questioner period was experienced 2 weeks. The questioner form is attached in appendix.

The major served market is the people who are visitor or just pass the Centro. The large number the visitors create the steady...
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