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Topics: Decision support system, Information systems, Decision theory Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Assignment of Marketing| December, 27, 2O11|
Marketing knowledge information system, (MKIT)
Marketing decision support system, (MDSS)Marketing research system, (MRS)| Submitted to: Mam’ Iqra Liaqiout. Submitted by:ShahidRoll# ULMC, division of art & science.|

Marketing Knowledge Information System:

Information systems have to be designed to meet the way in which managers tend to work. Research suggests that a manager continually addresses a large variety of tasks and is able to spend relatively brief periods on each of these. Given the nature of the work, managers tend to rely upon information that is timely and verbal (because this can be assimilated quickly), even if this is likely to be less accurate then more formal and complex information systems Three levels of decision making can be distinguished from one another: strategic, control (or tactical) and operational. Again, MKIS has to support each level. Strategic decisions are characteristically one-off situations. Strategic decisions have implications for changing the structure of an organization and therefore the MKIS must provide information which is precise and accurate. Control decisions deal with broad policy issues and operational decisions concern the management of the organization’s marketing mix.

Marketing Decision Supportive System
Discusses the application of decision support systems (DSS) to assist in solving marketing decisions. As the marketing environment becomes more competitive the pressure to gain the “edge” over your competitors becomes more intense. Marketing decision support systems (MDSS) are valuable tools to assist in making marketing decisions to do just that! MDSS can be used to support, rather than replace, decision makers in the complex, semi or unstructured situations which are common in marketing problems. They incorporate the personal judgement and experience of the user to improve the effectiveness, rather than the efficiency of decision making. This...
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