System Proposal for Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.

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System Proposal for Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.
In reviewing the current and historical sales and marketing information for Riordan Manufacturing, Inc., it became clear that there is a need for a new streamlined system to track the past and present workings of the company. There are past marketing plans being stored in one location in a file cabinet, limiting the personnel that has access to it (Riordan Manufacturing, Inc., 2012). Sales employees are using different methods to track their numbers, in some cases using pencil and paper (Riordan Manufacturing, Inc., 2012).

We propose a new cloud based system that will compile all of the past sales and marketing information and current customer contacts and needs. This system will allow employees from all areas and locations access to marketing tools and sales data. Producing this system will allow management to generate periodic reports showing important information regarding the health of the company. It seems that Riordan stores and maintains documents and files in multiple locations. The use of data management will expand the company’s productivity, by decreasing the man hour time it used to take an employee to conduct searches for the actual file or files that the employee is searching for. Riordan would be able to manage data, text, and document management as a communication simplicity tool. As in any company, data is an informational asset that brings in earnings, investing in data management. Simply spoken, it helps to raise customer relationship management (CRM), while cutting expenses. This type of database will enable increased speeds for locating the products the customers want. It will reduce, considerably, the unauthorized purchases, and improve the efficiency in the operation, helping to also reduce errors in customer purchases. Part of the restructuring, would involve a need for Riordan implement consolidating software applications for all of the branches. It would create a means to consolidate, manage, analyze, and transmit data, located in any of the branches throughout the company. This task will be of major challenge because the data volume will increase with time. There will, constantly, be new incoming information, but added to this will be old data that must be kept for a certain depth of time for legal reasons. Dealing with a branch in China, might require different lengths of time that documents are required to be stored. There might also be a large amount of repetitive data that is old or no longer accurate and this can create a scrupulous maintenance issue. Another challenge involves the data that originates outside of Riordan that will be necessary to keep for decision making reasons. Having four different branches, means that there is bound to have data scattered throughout. Being that most of Riordan’s data is kept in paper files, those will have to be scanned as PDF files, to grant access to those searching, however; there are different database formats filed throughout that would now be centrally located. We could offer data management solutions, allowing for increased security and efficiency to massive volume data processing. Traditionally the process is managed in one location, but being that Riordan has several locations, this restructuring will initially be time consuming, but once this centralized database is setup and running, it will create a smooth flow of data, not only for entry, but also for locating and sharing. The data for a company this size has an exorbitant amount of data created and stored and its traditional methods of management are antiquated. This is why we offer a solution to Riordan, where it will have to implement relational databases, helping to support end user decision making and computing. Data Quality and Integrity

Data collection is a highly complex process that can create problems concerning the quality of the data that is being collected. Therefore, regardless of how the data...
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