Dabur Supply Chain Management

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  • Published : July 6, 2010
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Dabur tackles the secondary supply chain
In 2001, Dabur decided to tackle its extended supply chain of over 30 factories, six key warehouses, and 52 stocking points distributing over 1,000 SKUs to 10,000 stockists countrywide. The company needed a system to accurately control distribution and sales forecasting to reduce inventory in the pipeline. Dabur went ahead and built a system using Visual Basic and ASP with SQL Server 2000 as the database. It decided not to use a packaged SCM solution due to the high cost and relative lack of complications in its supply chain. The initiative

An in-house developed, easy-to-use, Intranet based data-warehouse displays as-of-yesterday sales, stock, receivables, banking, and other MIS. Over 5,000 ASP pages meet almost all reporting requirements and make this a single source of MIS for all levels of decision makers. This success paved the ground for the company's supply chain initiative. Fifty-five Ku Band TDMA VSATs were used to link primary distributors to the system. Factories were hooked up using PAMA (Permanent Assigned Multiple Access) VSATs. At some locations VPNs had to be used because it was not possible to set up a dish. The zonal offices in Mumbai were hooked up in a similar manner. The hardware is mostly owned by the primary CFA (Carry and Forward Agent) except for the networking equipment, which is owned by Dabur. In the case of the secondary systems, stockists wholly own the hardware. The primary rollout began in April 2001 and took 16 months. The first six months were used to create a business model common to all divisions (family products, healthcare, ayurvedic products, and pharmaceuticals), and testing and piloting the same. The Innovation

The integrated primary and secondary system has a number of unique features. The features like tight integration of schemes, stockists credit limit control, automated banking of cheques, and online cheque reconciliation have obvious advantages in the primary...
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