Marketing Plan Phase Ii – Grocery Delivery

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Marketing Plan Phase II – Grocery Delivery
Eric Delgado, Karen Easley, Mary Balderramos, Melanie Deutsch, and Randy Fordyce MKT/421
July 25, 2011
Denise Levith

Marketing Plan Phase II – Grocery Delivery
The idea of Wal-Mart’s proposed delivery service is an extraordinary way to provide customer service to its customers, but just like all other fantastic ideas there must be a plan in place. Though it may sound simple to implement the service, it is essential to make sure that certain planning is conducted. There are many considerations to be made to gain the greatest amount of success in implementing the delivery service. The different types of planning consist of identifying the segmentation criteria that will affect the target market selection; the organizational buyers and sellers of the delivery service and any factors that will influence purchasing decisions; finally identifying the competitive plane. Segmentation Criteria and Target Market

Wal-Mart’s general target market is families and individuals in the lower and working class. However, because of tough economic times Wal-Mart is reaching out to middle-class individuals and families as well by advertising well-known brand names and low prices. The target market for Wal-Mart’s grocery delivery service will be their current customers in larger cities and suburban areas. This means the segmentation criteria will be individuals or families from lower class range to middle-class range urban, suburban, and exurban areas. Rural areas will not be part of the target market at this time unless the service does well and rural area customers show interest in the service. The target market will focus on families and individuals without transportation, those that have difficulty shopping for themselves for medical or personal reasons, people who are busy and want to save time, or those that want or need to save on gas money by having their groceries delivered.

Organizational Buyers and Sellers...
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