Mpigi District Investment Profile

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1.1 Vision.

A district where people have access to basic social services and are empowered for sustainable household and community development.

1.2 Mission.

To ensure coordinated service delivery for sustainable socio-economic development of Mpigi district.

1.3 Strategic objectives.

To coordinate the planning and implementation of activities for economy, efficiency and effectiveness.
To mobilize the community and resources for effectiveness of the development process. To coordinate extension services for improved production, household food security and incomes.
To ensure access to basic services for health, water and sanitation for improved quality of life. To ensure quality education services for better quality of life. To ensure provision and maintenance of basic infrastructure for district development. To ensure sustainable management of development in the district.

1.4 Location.

Mpigi district is one of the districts of Uganda situated in the central region of the country, often referred to as Buganda region. The district borders with the districts of Wakiso in the North East and East, Mityana in the North, Mubende in the North West, Kalangala and Lake Victoria in the south. Masaka is to the South and South West and Ssembabule to the West. The district lies on the shores of Lake Victoria, the largest fresh water lake on the continent of Africa. The Equator, a natural spectacular phenomena traverses the district at Kayabwe in Nkozi Sub County.

Mpigi district covers an area of 3,714 square km which is about 0.16% of the country size. Out of the total area, 719 is occupied by water and wetlands. Land area is approximately 2995.94 square kilometers.

1.5Administrative structure.

The district is made up of three counties namely: - Butambala, Gomba and Mawokota. There are 16 sub counties and one urban council, Mpigi town council. It has 118 parishes and 738 villages. The county, parish and village are administrative units while the district and sub counties are local governments which are self accounting and are corporate bodies. The headquarters of the district is located in Mpigi town council, about 35kms from Kampala the capital city of the country, 2kms off Masaka highway.

Number of administrative units by county and sub-county.
No. of sub-counties
No. of Parishes
No. of villages

1.6Topography, Temperature and Rainfall.

The district relief is generally made up of plateau and some hills lying between 1,182 and 1,341 meters above sea level. There are mainly two rainfall seasons in a year. The first season is between March and May and the second season between September and November, sometimes extending to December. The mean annual rainfall is 1320mm although in the lake zone it is between 1750 and 2000mm. Average monthly days of rain are 10 with minimum temperature of 110 c and maximum 33.30 c. The vegetation is mainly savannah and ever green around L. Victoria.


The population of the district is 407,790 (census 2002) with a population growth rate of about 1.3% per annum and the population density of about 139 persons per sq. km. The density tends to decline in pastoral areas of Maddu Sub County in Gomba County. Demographically, the female population is about 49% while the male is 51%. Forty percent of the populations are above 18 years of age.

Total number of households-88,654
Average households size-4.6


The district has a total road network of 2100 km in the following categories: Trunk roads492km, Feeder roads583km, Community access roads 1025km.

Access to roads by type.
% age of LC I’s
All weather

4.0 Social Services.

5.1 Health.

There are two hospitals in the district and 4 health sub districts. The...
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