Theodore Roosevelt and Meat Inspection Act

Topics: Theodore Roosevelt, Settlement movement, Woodrow Wilson Pages: 9 (2133 words) Published: April 19, 2011
Progressive Era Questions

1. The progressive movement is considered by some the origin of which social/political ideology? Liberalism
2. Progressives believed that government should protect the people and promote the social welfare of people through which means? Legislation
3. It was an important social issue concerning equality that the Progressives advocated? Women’s Suffrage
4. List five issues that defined the Progressive Movement: a. Women’s Suffrage
b. Rate Control on Utilities
c. Prohibition
d. End Child labor
e. Immigration restrictions
f. Americanization of immigrants
g. Political Reform/Stop political machines
h. Anti-trust legislation
i. End prostitution and sweatshops
5. Who worked in the vast majority of “settlement houses” across the country? Middle-class women and men
6. What was the purpose of the “settlement houses”?
To improve the lives of poor families by providing amenities and services that were not provided by government, such as clubs, classes, social gatherings, playgrounds, arts programs, sports and summer camps, clean milk stations, well-baby clinics 7. What was the name of the first “settlement house”? University Settlement House in London/ in US Hull

8. Although “settlement houses” do not exist today, what private institutions carry out many of the same purposes? Homeless Shelters/YMCA, Salvation Army, United Way, religious groups 9. What was the service that some “settlement houses” provided that has been adopted by many school districts? Kindergarten

10. Who were two women important to the “settlement house” concept?
Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr
11. What was the name of the famous Chicago “settlement house”?
Hull House

12. What two factors were primarily responsible for the rapid growth of American’s urban areas?
Immigration and City jobs attracting people off farms
13. What was the name for the apartment buildings that many urban poor lived?
Tenement buildings
14. Describe the conditions that made life for the poor degrading? Speculate and how these apartment were a legitimate danger to those who lived in these structures?
Crowded, unsanitary, no privacy/ fire hazard, contagious
diseases easily could spread
15. State two deadly diseases that struck the cities and spread rapidly due to poor sanitation and crowded conditions?
Influenza, Cholera and Tuberculosis
16. What was a “muckraker”?
An individual that used the media(written works) to
expose the social and political problems of the American society 17. State two important magazines of the earlier 20th century?
McClure’s, Cosmopolitan, Collier’s, Everybody’s Magazine,
18. The Octopus, Frank Norris called for what reform?
Regulation of the railroads
19. What was the name of the book by Upton Sinclair that exposed the filthy conditions that meat packers used?
The Jungle
20. How did the federal government respond to the outcry from Upton Sinclair’s book?
The Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906
21. Which man was the target of Ida M. Tarbell’s book?
22. Jacob Riis documented the conditions of which group in the United States? Name of his book?
The poor and homeless/ How the Other Half Lives
23. Cite a specific example that you have seen pictured of the absolute deplorable living conditions that the poor faced.
Collapsing homes, dangerous gases entering homes, lack of housing 24. Lincoln Steffens attacked which issue that he claimed was in every American city?
Political corruption

25. Argue why political bosses were able to gain and maintain power?
Helped immigrants with food and jobs and they voted for the boss’s candidates. Bosses provided pubic services
that the city...
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