Brief Profile of Managopaya, Banate, Iloilo: Feasibility Study on Irrigation

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Chapter 1
General Background

1.1 Brief Profile of Managopaya, Banate, Iloilo

1.1.1 Physical Characteristics

The locality of Managopaya, Banate is located at the western part of Visayas and lies at 4th district of the Province of Iloilo. It is bounded in between by the Municipality of Anilao when going to Iloilo City and Municipality of Barotac Viejo when going to Estancia. It has a land area of 667.5 hectares or roughly 5.15 percent of the total land area of the Municipality of Banate. As such it is the smallest barangay in the municipal composing of five (6) sitios namely: Proper, Baclayan, Bubog, Lumboy, Pangalatkaton and Tubod. Sitio Proper serves as the center of various economic activities and site of all government owned offices or building. Extensive mountain ranges with uneven distribution of plateaus, swamps, and lowlands characterize the barangay’s topography. In terms of soil types, these ranges from loam, clay, sandy, clay loam, sandy loam, or a mixture of any of these, which are evenly distributed in the six (6) sitios of the barangay. These soil types are suitable to any kind of crop whether annual, perennial, or cash crops.  


Based on the 2011 Census of Population, the Barangay of Managopaya recorded a population level of 1328. This translates to an annual average growth rate of 0.9 percent for the period 2000-2011. Sitio Proper, being the urban area, registered the most number of people at 363, which is 27.33 percent of the municipality’s total population. This was followed by Sitio Baclayan having a population of 298 or 22.2 percent of the total populationl. The percentage share of the remaining four (4) barangays ranged from 11-15 percent. Consequently, in the most densely populated barangay, there were approximately four (4) people in every hectare of land while in the least densely populated area there would be roughly one (1) person in every...
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