Motor Control and Fine Motor Skills

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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P.I.L.E.S stands for Physical, Intellectual, Language & Communication, Emotional and Social Development. These are the areas of which a child develops at as they grow into young adults.

Physical Development

The two main areas of physical development are gross & fine motor skills. Gross motor skills use the larger muscles in the body like arms & legs. Rolling over, crawling, walking, running and jumping are all gross motor skills. Fine motor skills use the smaller muscles in the body, like fingers & toes. Writing, painting, pointing, grasping and reaching are examples of fine motor skills. Fine motor skills alsto eye coordination.

Activities to promote Physical Development

* Play Musical Statues.
This activity helps children to learn to control their body movements. It also helps develop physical coordination and non-locomotor skills. Dancing freely to the music gives the child a chance to move his or her body and use their larger muscles, helping

* Make pictures out of stickers.
Using stickers to create a picture enables the child to use the smaller muscles in their fingers, the process of picking and peeling the sticker helps to develop their fine motor skills. It also helps to develop their creativity and physical coordination.

Intellectual Development

Intellectual or cognitive development is the development of the brain. This area of development is the area where the child learns to reason, understand and identify. Ability to solve problems and pay attention is also learnt through intellectual development.

Activities to promote Intellectual Development

* Alphabet puzzle
Help the children to piece together a puzzle of the alphabet. This activity requires them to engage their brains and think about the order or the letters so they are able to put it together properly. They also have to think about the shape of the puzzle piece’s and how they fit together. Once the puzzle is completed they can sing the alphabet and...
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