Cypw Activity Plan

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Activity Plan
Recognising letters of the alphabet and their shapes with coloured stickers

During this activity I will be working with 4 children, 3 male and 1 female. The children’s ages shall be mixed between 3-4 years.

For the beginning I shall be using a poll for the children, consisting of a sheet with the full alphabet printed in a bold; black font for the children to understand and use this to help select the letters which they recognise. With this task it was decided that the most favourable letters with the morning children were A, S, D, M and T. And the afternoon children favoured the letters F, K, L, M and X. This would be due to the morning children being the much older and more educated due to being in nursery for a much longer period than the afternoon children, and so the afternoon children chose these letters from their own knowledge and memory.

I believe that the children chose these particular letters due to that they all have very significant features that make them all appear extremely different in shape. For example, if you were to silhouette the letters K and L beside each other they are very much different in shape. This includes the amount of lines and angles used within each letter of the alphabet. A child will subconsciously notice these differenced and are how they recognise the letters much easier. The next task is then to draw out the chosen letters, then framing the inside of each letter with a template for stickers to be placed that the children will have to fill and complete. The next task is laminating the letters to prevent damage to the paper, such as bending or tearing. This could be a risk under health and safety to the children if the laminating is not cut out corrects and is left with sharp cuttings around the edge and so I must inspect the edges carefully and trim/file down any edges if necessary.

Once this is complete the activity is ready for the children to begin.

During the activity the children will...
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