Teaching Letters to Toddlers

Topics: Learning, Education, Ice cream Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: April 24, 2011
I. Introduction: The Learning Letters “I” : Preschool/ Toddlers : Ice cream Theme

II. Objective: Letter I (long I sound), Difference between big I and little i.

III. Activities: Letter I Ice-cream activities.

1. Tell the children they are going to have fun with ice cream activities and learn about the letter “I i”.

2. Ask the children what they see in the poster. Demonstrate and run your finger over the letter I and point to the fact that the little “Ii” has a dot on top.

3. Tell them that the letter “Ii” has different sounds in different words, but today they are going to just concentrate on one sound, the one it makes in the word ice cream (long i).

IV. Assessment: We learned some other words that carry the same sound, such as icicle, island, and ice skates with the long “Ii” sound. The children learned when it is appropriate to use the big “I” and using the little “i”. Used different color ice cream cones to use with different words that have the long “Ii” sound.

V. Why I chose this plan: I felt that this plan was very appropriate of high quality and can be used in a classroom setting for Pre-K and toddlers. During this time this age group of children are beginning to learn the alphabets, new words and new sounds, and learn how to form words and writing their names. They also begin to learn their colors and their numbers, so this activity is very much age appropriate for a classroom.

Currently, I am a tutor with my local school system and a private after school setting. During this time, I work with Pre-K and toddlers on certain days and second graders on other days. I feel that their minds are ready to receive anything that you place before them, and they just love all activities that involve bright colors and being able to read out loud. It is important at this stage to begin teaching them to write their names, learning to pronounce new sounds and new words to be able to annunciate words appropriately. I...
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