Child Development: Improving Reading and Writing Skills

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  • Published : March 30, 2013
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Reading and Writing Development
Tyesha Woods
March 10, 2013
Susan Clark

The two age groups that I have chosen are early childhood and middle childhood. Early childhood ranges from two to six years of age and middle childhood ranges from six to ten years of age. In the beginning stages of early childhood the child would not be reading or writing just yet. But they would be starting to learn how to read and to write. They should be learning how to recognize letters and how to put them together to form words. At the end of this stage the child should be able to read and write, or they should be at the beginning stages of reading and writing. The beginning stages of middle childhood the child should be at the beginning stages of reading and writing. By the end of the middle childhood the child’s reading and writing skills should be more advance. They should be able to read at a higher level. They should be able to take spelling words and look them up in the dictionary, write out the words, and make the words into sentences. For the children in early child the material that I would use would be handouts. The handouts will have the letters for the kids to trace. Then they would a beginners reading book. They would have to read the book and they would have to write about what they read. Another thing that I would do, is give the children an assignment where they had to match up the word with the picture. For example if the handout had pictures of a dog, cat, kite and cow the child would have to match the word with the picture. That should help with the reading aspect. For the writing I would have the child write the words out two times each. The material that I would use for the children in middle childhood is vocabulary and reading. I would give spelling words and assign to read a book. As far as the spelling words the first thing that I would do is have the students write out the words...
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